Your virtual operations team

Breeze is the answer to scaling your web application. Automatically deploy and scale applications instantly, with a production-ready configuration.

Production Ready

With Breeze, you don't have to worry about configuring your server to be production ready. We run your applications inside docker containers, making both upgrades and rollbacks painless, and providing you with a secure environment by default.

Scaling. From 10 requests to 10,000

When you setup your application with Breeze, we'll automatically configure autoscaling for you. Your application will automatically scale up to more servers when needed, and scale down during off hours. This means you only use resources when you need them, saving you money while keeping your site as fast as ever.

Full Control

Unlike "serverless" solutions, using Breeze still leaves you fully able to run long-running commands. Because your application still runs on regular servers, you have no limitations on what you can do.

Furthermore, since we launch the applications right on your account, you are still in full control of the infrastructure, and can choose to manually deploy your own services alongside the applications deployed with Breeze.