Deploy Instantly Scale Infinitely

You know how hard scaling a web app is — learning docker, figuring out Kubernetes, and trying to understand how to configure it to scale. It's hours of configuration and testing, and all that after you've built your application.

Breeze aims to take all that pain and hassle away, it lets you focus on building your app while Breeze becomes your virtual Operations Team.

Breeze will save you hours of frustration deploying a scalable Kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean. We will automatically build your application, package the docker image up, and deploy it on an autoscaled Kubernetes cluster.

We're almost ready

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Why Breeze?

We all want what containerization promises – the ability to upgrade to the latest language version, simple horizontal scaling, being able to easily handle communication between apps, or even building out a whole set of microservices, all talking to each other.

Most of us don't have an ops team to manage this for us, and that's how Breeze was born – the idea that everyone should get to enjoy a containerised application, without having to get into the mess of managing all minute details of it.


Full Control

Breeze runs within the context of your DigitalOcean account. We will setup a kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean's Kubernetes service, and then automatically configure the cluster to be used for a web application.

When you're ready to deploy your first application, Breeze will automatically build a Docker image for your application and deploy it to your cluster. We'll worry about scaling, so that you can spend more time working on your idea to change the world, and less time figuring out server configurations.

Automatic SSL

With Breeze, you don't have to remember to issue a new SSL certificate when you launch something on a subdomain, or a brand new domain. Just tell Breeze the domain your application will run on, and we'll automatically retrieve certificates for all your domains.


Growing With You

If you start feeling like what Breeze offers out of the box isn't quite enough for you, or if you've started getting a bit more into Kubernetes yourself, Breeze will still be there. Breeze will check if you've committed your own Kubernetes files and intelligently merge your configuration with ours.