Deployments that just work.

Never commit fix ci again

Most of us have come to accept that getting your application to deploy just is painful. No matter how many times you do it, it's always a pain, and you always end up with several consecutive commits all saying some variation of fix ci, hopefully fix ci, hopefully works, etc.

That's not how it's supposed to be. Making your app work in production shouldn't be a painful ordeal. It should be just as easy to get your app running in production as it is to start a new project.

When you use Breeze, you only have to push your code to the master branch, and we will take care of building and deploying your app.

Automatic SSL

Instantly secure all your domains

Dealing with SSL certificates is hard enough with one domain, let alone multiple. You spend hours doing something you don't really understand, pray that it works, and then inevitably as many hours again when it breaks.

Breeze automatically issues and manages SSL certificates for you, for as many domains as you need. You don't have to deal with some messy Nginx or Apache config to load a different certificate for different domains, or get a new certificate just because you're adding a domain.

Automated Builds

Zero-config builds with presets for your favourite languages

Figuring out how to make your app work in production is never fun; between remembering which PHP plugins to install, and what version of Node is compatible with the Webpack version you're using, it's a big mess. Breeze has presets for building apps for PHP and Node, as well as a build script editor for when your needs are more advanced.


All the power you need, when you need it

When you use Breeze, setting up autoscaling is as easy as it gets. Simply specify how many servers you need at most, and what your minimum is. Not sure? Select a budget instead and we will create an efficient autoscaled cluster. Don't worry, if you're constantly running right at the budget, we'll let you know and recommend you to increase the budget.

Cron jobs how you want them

For all your scheduling needs

Whether you prefer your own crontab file, or would rather specify scheduled jobs from a web interface, Breeze has your back. You can choose to commit a regular crontab file in your repo, add your scheduled jobs through the web interface, or do both. Do what suits you best, and spend less time reconfiguring your cron jobs.

Extend with code

The full power of Kubernetes, in version control

If you ever need to add in additional services, or just do a bit more than Breeze does for you, you can simply commit Kubernetes template files in a breeze directory, and we'll automatically read and apply them for you.